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I can't connect my account to Targetlike
I can't connect my account to Targetlike

Try connecting your account once again, also check the Instagram app to see if there's a notification of login attempt. If you see that notification right after connecting your account to Targetlike, click "it's me".

Every time you try to connect your account to Targetlike we redirect your request towards Instagram.

My account lost connection to Instagram

Your account is added to the service, but the promotion has been stopped? Check whether your account is connected to Instagram. Click the "Desktop" button on the "Desktop" page near the account which was disconnected. You may have to connect once again and confirm the login in the Instagram app.
What tasks performs Targetlike?

The service can follow, like and comment the users you choose.

Which criteria can you set to the tasks?

You can target the users by hashtags, the location of the posts, by your own list of users, country and city where the users live, age, gender and interests.

What does "Speed per hour" means?

That means a number of likes, comments, follows and unfollows which Targetlike performs from the name of your account in one hour. The lower the speed of tasks — the more secure the promotion is.
What does the 3-day trial include?

During the 3-day trial period, you can promote one of your accounts for free. There are no restrictions on the functionality: you can set any tasks you want.

You can stop using the trial period and get a subscription for a chosen account at any moment or get a subscription for another account.
Can my password be stolen?

No. We can't see and we don't keep your password.

Can I be banned on Instagram for using your service?

You can be banned if you won't stick to the limits set by the Instagram. Actually, your account can be banned even if you don't play by rules when not using Targetlike. Our service also has some restrictions on how it works so you would be safe.
Special offers
Are there any special offers for bloggers, agencies or specialists?

Of course. Contact us about your offer at:
Subсribtion and Card
Can I delete my profile?

Go to the main page of the service, where you can find all of your accounts. Then click the "Delete" button next to the account you don't need.

How can I remove my card?

Go to the "Card" section at the menu and click "Delete" it the pop-up window.
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